Bird Watching


A true bird lovers exercise

Bird watching is an adventurous safari that involves observing and studying different species of birds, in their natural habitat, recording their numbers and observation data and photographing them. This adventure is conducted with the help of our passionate birding specialist and guide.


Kenya is a prime destination for a birdwatching holiday at any time of year. Tremendous geographical range gives Kenya a variety of climates and landscapes, hence the second highest number of species in Africa. Kenya holds the world-record 'bird watch' - with 342 species seen in 24 hours!

Between October and February many palearctic migrants come to Kenya's marine and inland shorelines. Many swallows, terns and waders will be found during this time; whilst between June and July weavers and bishops are in breeding plumage and many Southern African migrants visit.

Kenya's national parks make excellent centres for bird watching in Kenya - the Maasai Mara for the rosy-throated longclaw and magpie shrike; the Samburu for the rare shining sunbird and pink breasted lark; and Nairobi for the northern pied-babbler and Pangani longclaw. Kenya' handful of endemics include the Tara River cisticola, the Aberdare cisticola; Hinde's pied-babbler; William's lark; Sharpe's pipit; and Clarke's weaver.

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