Bush Meals


Bush meals and sundowners

There is a somewhat almost primal joy about eating a meal in the raw wilderness of the African savannah, more so if the setting happens to be amidst the remote corners of game parks and reserves where it is quite possible that your views are framed by stunning landscapes and magnificent wildlife.

Picnic Lunches

Usually arranged during a full day game outing in the reserve so that one does not have to go back to the lodge or camp for lunch, the meal itself is in the form of packed lunch boxes which are provided by your camp or lodge by prior arrangement the night before to allow them adequate time to prepare the meal boxes. Though the meal itself is typically simple though satisfying, the often scenic setting in the wild makes this a truly memorable meal. Most safari camps / lodges / hotels provide this meal at no extra cost in lieu of lunch in - house.

Bush breakfast / Bush dinner

A more elaborate meal and in the case of a Bush dinner, this could also be an event in itself around a bonfire with entertainment such as light music or tribal dance performances. Bush meals are arranged at special designated sites within parks and conservancies and these are generally located outside of but very near the respective Lodges or Camps. Menus can range from multi-course fine cuisine to more casual bush barbeque meals, prices for these special meals vary widely starting from USD 40 per person all the way to + USD 100 per person for more luxurious bush meals.


Ending your day on Safari with your favourite drink in hand, the company of friends or loved ones and a gorgeous sunset unfolding right before your eyes is a very special experience indeed and recognizing this, many upper end hotel properties in parks and conservancies now offer sundowners either pre-included into your stay or as optional add-on activities.

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