Horse Riding Safaris


Wildlife exploration on Horse Back

One of the most exhilarating experiences on Safari is to explore the raw wilderness of Africa on horseback, not least because locations such as the extended regions of Masai Mara Game reserve are rich in wildlife and the thrill of being close to magnificent animals while on horseback is a special attraction.

Horse riding safaris

There are many incredible opportunities for riding holidays in Africa. Almost all countries offer rides through the African wilderness, with horseback excursions varying from a few hours suitable to all levels to several days out on the trail while sleeping in fly camps for the experienced equestrian.

It's an incredible way to explore the bush, with most plains game unperturbed by your presence. Riding alongside herds of zebra and giraffe is a truly unforgettable experience. There are also epic coastal and desert trails to discover and for something a little different, camelback safaris are a speciality in the wilderness of East Africa.

Horseback riding in Africa is usually offered by specialist camps and lodges in areas which have lower game densities. Thus even beginners can be amazed by rolling hills, pristine beaches and vast plains, without worrying about the dangers of riding in lion country. More experienced riders will enjoy faster paces, longer ride outs or several days in the saddle with magnificent horses of great character. Even if you’re just looking for a few hours in the saddle, contact us for further details.

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