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Of walking safaris & bush walks

A bush walking safari is an adventure packed activity where participants embark on relaxed, guided walks in a wildlife conservantion area with the objective of seeing wild animals in a more natural way without using vehicle. Nature/Bush/Safari walks include a packed breakfast/lunch depending on the timings and game drives en route to and from the walking safari location. Nature walks are preferrably done early mornings or late in the afternoon when the sun is not too hot.

The Experience

Almost all national parks in Kenya, with the exception of Hells Gate National Park, prohibit walking inside national parks. But private wildlife conservancies allow for well planned and supervised walking safaris, while camps and lodges even inside the main reserves and parks offer shorter nature walks, often just an hour long, within the immediate vicinity of the safari property.

Despite the well advised precautions in place to safeguard tourists and travelers, nature walks and bush walks as these are also known are a highly rewarding activity as there is so much more being observed while one is on foot in the bush due to the more sensory nature of the experience.

Depending on where the nature walks will be conducted, it is possible to see plenty of wildlife not to mention a rich diversity of Birds, flora and fauna. Walks are done by experienced and trained guides, and these guides often happen to be locals who have the advantage of being born and bred in the very region that you are exploring.

Walking safaris while generally very safe, still do carry an element of risk to the participants as the areas you are exploring are actually the territory of the local wildlife and by being on foot you essentially place yourself on a level footing with these animals, which may range from Elephant & Buffalo to Lion, Leopard and Cheetah.

Karisia Walking Safaris

A luxurious walk on the wild side of the astounding Laikipia Plateau’. Karisia Walking Safaris offer the ultimate luxury walking safari experience, with their signature element of a camel train to portage all the camping equipment and luggage. This accredited company is based in eastern Laikipia – an area north of Mt Kenya renowned for its pristine wilderness and prolific wildlife. Their base is only a 2 hour drive from the scheduled flight destination of Nanyuki. Yes, the four poster bed is left behind, but the King size mattress, feather pillows, duvet, linen, dressing gowns, towels, hot water bottles, solar lights, headlamps and carpets all come along. You will sleep in a large, traditional canvas tent, with a chair, table, mirror, drinking water and wash basin on the tent veranda. There’s a toilet behind each tent, and plenty of hot water for a hot bucket shower. This excursion is for anyone between the ages of 4 – 80.

This region boasts the highest diversity of large mammals in Kenya, and is also home to several endangered species including the Grevy’s zebra, the African wild dog, and Jackson’s hartebeest. Specialist English-speaking guides, and an expert tracker, together with a few camels carrying your refreshments and day-packs, will accompany you on your morning’s walk. The rest of the staff and camel train move ahead to set up the next camp and your gourmet lunch. Your adventurous journey will be filled with rich insights into the region’s glorious bio-diversity, and the lives and traditions of the local Samburu tribe. After afternoons of relaxation, sundowners and 3-course dinners bring each day to a sublime close.

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