About Safari Partners Africa

Safari Partners Africa is built on two core values: excellence and bespoke authenticity. We create bespoke luxury African experiences that make use of exotic and exclusive places. We handpick our destinations that mostly allow you to experience the most of your safari encounters with top notch accommodation and explicitly delicious cuisines.

Africa is often associated with safari – Safari Partners Africa has unrivalled credentials and expertise when it comes to customizing African Safaris. The immense expanse of the African continent and its complement of pristine islands offer a great deal more thrilling adventures that entice you with luxury beyond your wildest dreams.

We invite you to an unforgettable Luxury Safari experiences in East Africa. Whatever you want in your safari expedition - whether it is cultural insight, pure relaxation, gourmet cuisine, wildlife or adventure - or a combination of everything – we will craft an itinerary that delivers exactly what you looking for.

From the unforgettable thrill of seeing the Big Five on safari to its dramatic landscapes, sun-drenched beaches, captivating people, intriguing cultures, sumptuous food and vibrant music. There is so much to see and do, and a great number of exceptional destinations to choose from. Adding to the thrill of the adventure is the sense of mystique that still permeates this vast continent, which its untouched wild places.

Africa is a land of magic and mystery, but it is also a quintessentially modern continent. Stretches of pristine wilderness where rural people still live out the traditions of old are interspersed with vibrant, bustling cities and the most up to date facilities. At Safari partners Africa, we help you make sense of the many contradictions that Africa offers with tips about travel on this extraordinary continent.

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